Monday, February 17, 2014

One Punch Man

One punch man is a manga. An entertaining manga. A story about a hero who is so strong. Able to defeat enemy in only one punch man. You should read that manga.

Saitama is a powerful hero who easily defeats all of his opponents with a single punch. He is a thin man at the current age of 25 and is bald, supposedly due from his excessive training. Saitama has always been heroic, saving the innocent from the strange Mysterious Beings that appear in his world; however, he never receives any credit for it. After defeating so many without effort, he feels bored and empty inside, endlessly searching for opponents that will actually pose a challenge to him.
Saitama originally was an ordinary man constantly looking for a job who became depressed after many rejections. One day, Saitama saves a child from a monster. This actions spawns two major consequences: the child's powerful relative creates the Hero Association, and Saitama decides to become a hero like the ones from his childhood. After training every day for three years with an inhuman workout routine of 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats and 10 km running, he gains superhuman strength and speed but loses his hair. Although Saitama believes his strength is a result of everyday workout, Genos finds it ludicrous. - wiki

There are two version of the manga. The redrawn version and the original version. The original version are written and drawn by ONE. While the redrawn version are written by ONE and redrawn by Murataa Yusuke.

The original version is not well drawn. Not a perfect one but, the story line is good and is more up to date. currently chapter 94 while the redrawn version are in chapter 42 while i am writing this. 

Compare the drawing

ONE PUNCH MAN - original version

ONE PUNCH MAN - the redrawn version

For me this is another proof that, it is not the perfection that really matters .An entertaining storyline can compensate the lack in the artwork. If ONE waits for his drawing skills to be as good as Murata he would not be able to produce a manga. 

Stop being perfect. Just do it! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Monetizing Blog With Adfly

Now i have two personal blogs, this one is in English, the other on is in Malay. I currently need only one.

I decide to monetize this blog using adfly. As for my personal blog (Malay version) i will kept it updating as usual depending on the mood.

I also will be sharing make money opportunity here in this blog. Hopefully.

So after this, all the link in this blog will be automatically shortened using adfly full page script.

If you are interested to monetize inactive blog using adfly.

  1. Make sure your blog still have traffic 
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Start earning! :)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Google Plus Follower Gadget

Dear friends, thanks for connecting with me in Google Plus. Thank you so much. I have nothing special to giveaway yet. However. As an appreciation, i put you in the sidebar. Thanks to Google Plus Follower Gadget. 

I seldom write in this blog, i am also not very active in Google Plus. Hopefully, by putting the Widget, i am more encouraged to visit your google plus profile and ho[efully I can keep my google plus status up-to-date too.  

Dont forget to +1 my posts too if the posts pick your interests.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Failure & Mistake - A Natural Process

Failure is just a natural process, same goes for mistakes. In my life i do a lot of mistakes, I fail a lot too. I believe you who read this post also faced the same. Some people take failure and mistake as "no option". They only one to see the successful result.  In my personal opinion it is a very bad option. 

When we were born, we know nothing. We cannot even speak, we cannot even walk. The process for us to able to walk freely in this beautiful earth is the result for many failures. However its is quite ironic, when a person who failed a lot before cannot accept another failure. When they make a mistake, they failed and they feel like it is the end of the world! 

Like how we learn to walk, like how we learn to speak, it is just a natural process. If we are scared to take challenges because of the phobia of failure and making mistake. Just remember that, it is just a process.

This blog used to be one of the successful blog, when I started blogging. Now this blog fails to achieve the same traffic and performance like it used to be. I guess it is just a process. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Why I love the Custom URL by blogger ?

custom url by blogger
Having good permalink is very helpful for ranking in Search Engine Result Page. The target keyword must be included in the permalink to be more search engine friendly. At the same time, the title also need to be compelling for others to read.

Before this the problem with blogger is that, it does not come together with the ability to customize the permalink. So, a title need to be carefully chosen so that the title addressed both to attract visitors and to rank high in serach engine. 

A bad example of not carefully choosing a title is my old post way back in 2009 entitled:

which led to to blogger automatically assigned following permalink to the blog post.

Notice that, the word twitter feed which is the main keyword is not even in the permalink. Which is very bad for the post's SEO. Luckily blogger make an improvement where the permalink can be customized. As an example, for this blog post. 

The title is Why I love the Custom URL by Blogger, but the permalink is